School begins at 7:45AM(Vestavia Hills Elementary West)

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Thanks for a great opening of school.

Here are a few important reminders and info to know:

1.  Carpool drop off begins at 7:15.  School begins at 7:45.  Children are tardy and must be signed in if you arrive after 7:45.  Tardies are counted at 7:50.
2.  If you would like to view your child's attendance (not grades at elementary level) in INOW, you may pick up the access form in the office.  A parent signature is required to receive students' passwords in order to view absences on-line.
3.  Pre-Excused absences need to be turned in 3 days before the child will be absent.  The principal is allowed to pre-excuse ten absences if there are no absences that put the child OVER ten days.  Please fill out the online form.:  Go to our West web page.  Find the tab labeled resources, and click on it.  Under that, click on "For Parents", and find the "Pre-excused absence request", and complete (it is very easy).  Then submit.  It will re-route to the school office and be approved by Ms. Hauser.

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

Vestavia Hills Elementary West

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